Mission and Vision


Mission Statement:
What is a club? A club is a community of people with similar interests. We believe in developing athletes through progressive and developmentally appropriate training, a club wide support system, and engaging community involvement.

Your athlete will be trained in the latest USAV techniques and tactics of the sport. We will focus heavily on the fundamental techniques and tactics, and provide opportunities for your athlete to improve their volleyball knowledge. We believe athletes and coaches should be students of the game.

Our club wide support system starts with evidence-based coaching. Our coaches will communicate honestly and openly about the athletes performance and progress. Our visible and present directors will offer clear communication to atheletes, parents and families.

With club wide events, volunteer opportunities, and ways for families to connect off the court, families will build generational bonds.

Community Involvement:

We want to focus on family engagement that is currently missing in youth club sports in the area. We plan to host family engagement nights with activities that are non volleyball related and The Community Fieldhouse is the perfect place for these events. From family movie nights, pickleball tournaments, and everything in-between. We want to provide opportunities for families to create bonds outside of the volleyball court.

Elite Training:

Learning to play the game of volleyball at an elite level requires dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. Our coaches and directors will be up front about your child's progress, where they can improve, and what we see for their future. We will provide developmentally appropriate training that is backed by evidence-based practices, and train our coaching staff in the latest USAV techniques and tactics as well as work on building a relationship of trust and respect. We understand that every athletes journey is different, and clear lines of communication will make that journey streamlined.