MAVS Tryout

MoCo Mavs tryouts

11U - 18U Teams - Max of 16 total teams

11s, 12s, 13s, 14s - Wednesday June 26th 

15s, 16s- Saturday July 13th

17s, 18s - Monday July 8th


How to navigate the tryout process if you are new to the club:

  • Attend a pre-tryout clinic
  • Contact us via email, social media, or in person about your interest
  • Ask questions about our club and coaches so that you know what to expect
  • No team offers will be made until after the athlete has completed a tryout
  • Talk to us at a camp, clinic, or tournament to ask questions and express interest
  • Understand where you fall on the USAV age definition chart, some athletes can play in more than one age group
  • What if I can't make a tryout date? Contact the directors as soon as possible to review options!

Designated Team Colors

  • Red - Top Team
  • White - Second Team
  • Blue - Third Team
  • National, regional and local team designation is subject to change based on the formation of the team.

Who are the team coaches?

  • 11 Red - Tiarra Moore & Alexis Eversull
  • 12 Red - Chelsie May & Madi Baker
  • 12 White- TBA
  • 13 Red - Kylah Dias & Falon Buford
  • 13 White - DeVyne Jones
  • 14 Red - Samantha Lang
  • 14 White - Ryan Storck & Morgan Buford
  • 15 Red - Talicia Johnson & Chelsie May
  • 15 White - Andrea Gipson & Michelle Williams
  • 16 Red - Charvette Brown & Madi Baker
  • 16 White - Aisja Jones
  • 17 Red - Mallori Howington & Tiarra Moore
  • 17 White - Jeana Hunter & Carington Mitchell
  • 18 Red - Lamonica Peacock & Talicia Johnson

What if I can't make the tryout for my age group?

  • Make every effort to be at as many pre tryout clinics as possible so that coaches can get to know you. Early tryouts make team placement difficult because of our inability to compare you to athletes who are at tryouts in person.
  • We historically do not do early or private tryouts. We believe the best policy is to see athletes side by side against their peers in a tryout setting. If you can not make tryouts, you need to set up a make up tryout for after our original tryout date.


Fee Schedules

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Recruiting Coordinator

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Beach Coordinator

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Developmental & Adult Coordinator

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